Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Must Haves. . .

So since I havent done a fashion section in my blog, I decided to do a post about some of things that I think are a must have of the summer, some things I own myself & some that I dont. .here goes. . .
Maxi Dresses

I know they've been out for awhile, but I just bought my first maxi dress at the beginning of this summer and I love it. I feel that it can be worn for a dressy occasion with a necklace or braclet added, or maybe just to go to the mall in. I like mine because its comfortable and thats what I usually look for when I'm buying clothes. I think its great for the summer.

Printed Skirts. .

I think that cute printed skirts are perfect for this summer. I've been noticing people pairs these with a tank top or wife beater and I think its very cute. To the club or to the mall or movies, I think it is a great outfit.

Fab Sandals. .

I'm sure Im not the only that has noticed everyone wearing this shoes. I currently own two pairs, a black and brown pair[which is shown above] and i love them. I also think these can be worn with anything, whether is to dress up or dress down. So hopefully you have a pair of these somewhere in your closet! :)

Funky Shades. .

Personally, I've always loved a cute pair of shades and I own plently. I mean on those sunny days you have something to shield your eyes why not wear something cute, you know? Something new that I have noticed are the new printed sunglasses that have been in Forever 21 [shown above] and many other stores and I think they are def my next purchase.

Well hopefully you enjoyed my lil fashion segment, until next time. . .♥

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I meannnn...really though?

Sooo I have decided to do a section where I point out current events on just someone that needs to be recognized at the time && that just made me be like i meannn really though? In other words im just looking at them like they crazy for those who dont understand lol.

OKK sooo for the moment its T-Pain.

I dont even care to go into his whole explanation over this ridiculousness. I swear, you give black folks a lil bit of money and they dont know how to act. Smh. I meann really though..?

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Flava in Ya Ear__[Electrik Red]

Just wanted to introduce yall to Def Jam`s new girl group [Electrik Red]. I know they're not new new artists because they've been out for a lil bit. You might have caught their video on BET, 'So Good' and album 'How to Be a Lady' [which was written by The Dream] was just recently released a few weeks back. I havent had a chance to buy it and add to my collection but I have checked out the edited version of the album on imeem.com. So I advise you all out there to do the same! Personally they remind me of lil mini Keri Hilsons lol I like the vibe of their music and I like that they arent like the rest of the girl groups that have came before them. I feel like they are taking risks with their music and that is what I really admire about them.
Even though I dont believe guy or girl groups these days will ever last past their second album, if they get that far, but I hope these young ladies do.
* Since I cant seem to post their So Good video from anyyy site[ ughhh ] or even embed a song from imeem which is really frustrationg i guess ill just leave yall to check out their music on your own Enjoy. . .♥

Monday, May 18, 2009

&& The Wait is Over.

So I wanted to wait a lil bit after every body hopped off Drake`s [insert bad word here] before I posted something about him. If you all know me, there is no secret that I love me some Drake and starting this blog I couldnt wait to do updates about him and put pictures up all that. lol. So after waiting around while all the hype settled down, I finally found the right time to do a blog on him.

I pretty much knew about Drake from back in middle school. If you watched Noggin you would know that Drake [gov't name :Aubrey Drake Graham] played Jimmy on Degrassi for like the first seasons or whateva. So like many others, when I heard him rap I was just like are you kidding me thats Jimmy from Degrassi. lol. So after being introduced to his music I fell in love. ♥

But ever since he released his mixtape, So Far Gone, my love for Mr. Drake Drizzy Rodgers has been slowly fading away. Everybody and they mama [literally] started to listen to Drake and it kind of turned me off and often ashamed to even put him on my status because most likely someone earlier that day had it as theirs. And fact that my litte cousins who are in the 8th grade know about him just disappoints me.

In my opinion I feel like he needs to hurry and get signed to a label [which he is in the process of doing so] and go ahead and release an actual album [which he is also in the process of doing which will be entitled, Thank Me Later], so he can make it offical. I would hate for him to get all this buzz and then be old news by the time his first cd comes out. Smh. But yet in still, I still have love for him. Im just ready to feel like I did the first time I heard him, ahhh memories lol. jk.

He recently had an article in Rolling Stone which I think is pretty damn big.Check it (click)
I could post more about this dude but I'll let you find out more about him on your own if you havent already

&& again I will leave you with one of my fav songs by him..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jamie Foxx 'Blame It' SPOOF-(Barack Obama)

This is funny but the words are so true.

In the Spotlight ; Miss Ciara

I just thought I would take a moment to put the spotlight on Ciara. Because lately I really have not been feeling this chick. I bought her previous albums and enjoyed them but I didnt even bother to look up her recent album [which came in third after Hannah Montana] or go to the store and buy it for myself. Why? Because lately I've just been wanting to tell CC to give it uppp lol. First thing was 'Super C' ??

Well I think after Beyonce came out with her alter ego Sasha Fierce I think every other female artist followed suit. And mind you that Beyonce has been with this alter ego for quite some time. Just saying, gotta take up for my girl B. But idk it was just something about Ciara's 'Super C' that just made me wanna be like, are we in 2nd grade or something? Idk, call it hating but just my opinion.And I just feel like she's just doing a lil too much to stay in the game. Dont get me wrong, her new song with Justin Timberlake, I like it but I just felt like the video was too inappropriate. But thats just my opinion.

Alll im saying is that i dont think Miss Ciara will last that much longer. Its been real B but, time to pack up your things. Peace out!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Kid Named Cudi.

So recently I've been listening to this guy right here. He goes by the named Kid Cudi and most of you probably know him by his song Day && Night. I really dont know that much about him but I really like the vibe of his music and I would suggest yall check him out.

[ here's a list of his mixtapes on http://www.datpiff.com/ ]


&& his video.

oh & he's not to bad to look at either lol. .

&& I will end it with one of my fav songs by him. .