Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Must Haves. . .

So since I havent done a fashion section in my blog, I decided to do a post about some of things that I think are a must have of the summer, some things I own myself & some that I dont. .here goes. . .
Maxi Dresses

I know they've been out for awhile, but I just bought my first maxi dress at the beginning of this summer and I love it. I feel that it can be worn for a dressy occasion with a necklace or braclet added, or maybe just to go to the mall in. I like mine because its comfortable and thats what I usually look for when I'm buying clothes. I think its great for the summer.

Printed Skirts. .

I think that cute printed skirts are perfect for this summer. I've been noticing people pairs these with a tank top or wife beater and I think its very cute. To the club or to the mall or movies, I think it is a great outfit.

Fab Sandals. .

I'm sure Im not the only that has noticed everyone wearing this shoes. I currently own two pairs, a black and brown pair[which is shown above] and i love them. I also think these can be worn with anything, whether is to dress up or dress down. So hopefully you have a pair of these somewhere in your closet! :)

Funky Shades. .

Personally, I've always loved a cute pair of shades and I own plently. I mean on those sunny days you have something to shield your eyes why not wear something cute, you know? Something new that I have noticed are the new printed sunglasses that have been in Forever 21 [shown above] and many other stores and I think they are def my next purchase.

Well hopefully you enjoyed my lil fashion segment, until next time. . .♥

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